Agtech: Javelot & Sparkling Partners join forces with Unilis Agtech for a fundraising

With this new financing, Javelot accelerates the digitalization of agricultural commodities storage

Lille and Paris, July 8th, 2021 - Javelot, the Lille-based startup pioneering digital solutions for the storage of agricultural commodities will benefit from the support of Unilis Agtech as a new financial and technical partners as well as the renewed confidence of Sparkling Partners to strengthen its teams, continue to the development of solutions and position itself as a major player in the sector thanks to cutting-edge technological innovations.

Initiative within the Sparkling Partners startup studio, which continues to support the company and its managers, Javelot has already deployed its solution in several thousand storage facilities in 4 countries (for more than 3 million tons of grain monitored). To support its accelerating growth, the company decided to join forces with Unilis Agtech, the joint venture between Arvalis and Unigrains which aims to accelerate technological innovation in service of resilience, value creating agriculture.

This partnership enables the young company, co-founded in 2018 by Vindicien Delcourt and Félix Bonduelle, to enter a new phase, continuing to work on the future and formalizing its close collaboration with Arvalis – Institut du Végétal, a recognized expert in grain storage.

Félix Bonduelle, CEO of Javelot, declared: “We are very pleased to have demonstrated the pertinence and sustainability of our business model. After three years we have proven our capabilities and are working hard, with all our partner storage organizations throughout Europe, to digitize the storage sector.”

A vision for the future of the agricultural commodities storage sector

Through this fundraising, the company will develop new solutions that offer agricultural cooperatives and traders future perspectives for the industry: limiting the use of pesticides, reducing energy consumption and lowering storage costs.

Eric Thirouin, President of Unilis Agtech, added: “The involvement of Unilis Agtech in supporting Javelot reflects our will to move towards greater operational and environmental performance for the benefit of farmers with storage solutions that use less energy, pesticides and ensure greater quality of grains.”

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