Unilis Agtech : First selection jury - May 20th 2020

In this period troubled by the Covid-19 epidemic, Unilis Agtech remains mobilized alongside Agtech entrepreneurs to prepare the future: agriculture that is resilient and value creating for all.

Launched in January 2020 by Arvalis and Unigrains to provide technical and financial support to young innovative Agtech companies working on field crops, Unilis Agtech will hold its first Selection Jury on May 20th 2020.

Candidates have until Monday, May 11th to submit their applications for this first jury.

Candidates will be invited to present their project remotely. The applications which have already been received are of high quality and the necessary means will be implemented to ensure their analysis is carried out under the best conditions.

The Unilis Agtech team is available to accompany entrepreneurs in the application process.

Looking forward to partnering with you to grow your solutions for the agriculture of tomorrow.

The Unilis Agtech Team
Jean-Marc Bournigal, President of the Unilis Agtech Jury